MLA Transformational
Leadership Award 2021

A Transformational Leader as defined by John C. Maxwell, is someone who influence people to think, to speak and to act in such a way that it makes a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others.

The MLA Transformational Leadership Award sponsored by the Luka Agbu memorial foundation (LAMF) seeks to discover, recognise and celebrate individuals who are demonstrating sustained excellence, positively shaping the culture and creating impact and make difference across communities in Taraba State through their personal and professional engagements.

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  • Must be a Taraban (either by indigeneship or residence)
  • While Taraba indigenes outside of the state are eligible, the work for which they are nominated must be making positive impact in Taraba state.
  • Must be individuals influencing change or making a positive impact on society through their professional, voluntary, or charitable activities.
  • An individual holding an elected political office are ineligible for nomination.
  • All nominations must be made in English.
  • Anyone can nominate individuals that meet the above criteria. Equally individuals can self-nominate for the award, provided they submit a supporting letter from an independent referee/seconder. Support letters cannot be written by relatives of the nominee and must be received within the deadline date for nominations.
  • Awards will not be made based on the number of times a person is nominated

MLA Transformational Leadership Award 2021

Opening of nominations

November 4th

Closing of nominations

November 30th

Reviewing and shortlisting of finalist

November 30 – December 5

Notifying candidates of their nominations

December 5 – December 8

Advertising the finalist and the awards

December, 9

Deciding the winner

December, 15

Notifying the winner

December, 15

Award ceremony

December, 29


Benefits of the Award